A camel greeting his herder who was absent for a few days.
Stalker Climbs Into Apartment Through Second Story Balcony, While a Woman is Recording a Social Media Video
Well, the nice walk in the woods is over.
Everything Wrong With This Meme In 10 Minutes Or Less
To make a positive statement about law enforcement
German tank-stability engineering at it's finest.
Paint me like one of your French girls.
When you have 100% control over bike and no obstacle can stop you.
Like celery sticks.
WCGW if we race in a short parking lot with a ditch at the end?
You never think you’ll destroy your life but yet here we are.
Bought this ball for $3 and the result was priceless
My life has been a lie.
AOC tried to warn us in the primary. But Biden just picked his Budget Director: Neera Tanden, who has vocally supported cuts to Social Security.
Yeah, don’t be so hard on yourself.
DMX vs Sling Shot
Sandra Bullock, 1995.
What a difference a few hours can do
Snowfall on Acorn Street, Boston, MA.
The size of this gif was 6.9 mb
I’m cashing out
Seatbelt burn a few minutes after a pretty bad accident I was in this morning. I'm in a lot of pain, but at least I'm alive. Seatbelts save lives!
I think we're just going to be seeing more and more of this over the next few months, unfortunately
Modified Skateboard
First time posting 2020 is wild
This One note pygmy flute
Baby loves her momma
Anti mask karen goes around costco without mask, tries on things and refuses to leave
Southwest Airlines has been looking for this