Tear gas canisters filmed raining in Hong Kong - against all regulations, while police deny firing from height
Make me more insecure than my boyfriend already does :’-)
Danish newspapers are having a field day today
Tiny piggo wakes up to a snack
[Homemade] Full English breakfast
Manchester in the rain, Photo by Simon Buckley
This Nike kids mannequin has a prosthetic leg.
Meanwhile at the local Subway...
A woman of no culture, is no woman of mine
How to tell Stan Lee what's happening with Spider-Man
The House and Senate are sleeping on Article 25
Wholesome Bookstore.
Anon asks a girl out
No witty title here! Invest in finding out about current events, profit knowledge!
Dickhead decides to pray infront of airplane toilets, freaks out when confronted.
Local Indian offers a light lunch 3 courses for £3.50 menu. choosing beggar leaves complaint
Just polished up a meme that was nearly funny
this is unedited. a real post, by TPUSA
Choosing gets murdered
Shadow of a Millipede walking.
The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks now, more people need to know about this.
On some days I feel quite alienated
How McDonald works
I made a post a while back and all the nice comments have inspired me to make another.
Epilepsilon, The Void Walker
Not quite there, buddy
Sharks are great
a modern horror story
Anon being germ*n
India is waking up, the mahimbeachcleanup has cleared more than 700 tons of plastic from our beach.