Apparently Caracal kittens sound like laser beams.
Lion trolls a young man
HMC while I chug this wine glass upside down
Let it snow, acrylic, 16”x20”
Chilling in the pool
‘Tis the season to beg on my local NextDoor board.
My original post was removed because it wasn’t on social media, but now it’s on reddit so....
This is the Christmas tree my dad uses every year. It's about 8 inches tall.
Roses are red, some parrots may talk
Pendulum Waves - Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.
You had one job!
Get this thing off of me pls
Deployed to the Middle East at the moment and this is our Bomb Doggo Ammo! He's such a handsome boy and he keeps me safe! He gets rewarded with all the pets and fetch his heart desires!
Follow your passion
Thanks grandma
Farmers market is very important
Blinks of affection
A little late but found this picture of my dad and an absolute legend, mid 1990’s
My daughter used a plastic cutting board for a pizza pan.
This woman's Christmas dress makes her look like a Starfleet Commander
The pains of CSS
Drew Brees sent a custom gift to the Offensive Linemen who blocked for him as a thank you for helping him break the NFL passing record. Here’s OT Damion McIntosh’s.
You can't just stay under bed all night!
Ah yes the superior master race...
I have a very special cat named Hammy. He likes to wear a plastic belt that he found in the trash. No one believed me when I said he put it on himself. Now I have proof!
Oh yees
You died