Plan b
"There's no need for you to have privacy"
Destroying a sand sculpture
Trump Supporter Goes Out Of His Way To Cause Problems
This mountain road has 489 turns and warning signs telling trucks not to use it.
Dammit Buford this is important
When she realized the camera was on her
Cutting my anxiety ridden dog’s nails
🔥 Wide variety of wildlife visiting watering hole
The whole stadium cheered the guy
Leave a Man's Property Alone Unless You Want to Face the Music
Jesus Christ, this makes me sick.
Neighbours probably real scared rn
Pole Dancers on Halloween
Bought a tree house for my kid, this is how they sent the fittings
A variety of wild animals visiting a water fountain
A GIF camera from the 80's
I built Bolvar‘s Hammer from Shadowlands. It has 451 LEDs, creates fog, plays sounds and can even change the color (lich king mode) with the help of a motion sensor. Hope you like it! :)
What are you doing
My friend has nearly finished re-creating the entire game of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in (vanilla!) Minecraft! The project he’s been working on since 2013 is planned to release for free later this year.
Do ri me
Meet Narnia, a rare two faced cat
Do you have your costume picked?
A great service to the republic
Thanks, i hate miniature humans
My dog has a gene which causes his coat to progressively lighten with age. The first picture is 6 months, the second is 3 years old.
She was lucky
I (a 16 year old) made a completely DIY remote control system so I could control my projects wirelessly, here's my first one; a RC car with a robotic high power laser turret that can pop balloons and light matches