Dog slips into a hot tub.
MRW the person at the desk next to mine brought donuts in to work
Box full of pitties
Deadpool 2
Alpine Roller Coaster
Great lad indeed
I couldn't stop laughing at this. Thought I'd share it with you guys.
[Image] Love yourself
Almost as if it's done on purpose πŸ€”
Because testing your SO instead of talking to them is the basis of a healthy relationship
When it double sucks
Anon lives in London
Hermione Granger cosplay
This is Pumpkin. She turned 20 today.
This bench
A german street sweeper working on indian streets (video in comments)
I'm shite at titles.
Maybe the homeless guy just has a better personality?
This was my best guess as to where to post this: a picture of my grandmother from 1957 and me from last week side by side
He decided he wanted to lose weight and his friend made sure he was there every day to help him. Not there yet, but he’s closer than he was yesterday.
Thanos, motorized defender of virginity
LGBT definition
SHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soul Mates
Hmmmmm πŸ€”
πŸ”₯ Giant Pacific Octopus in all its glory
Suggestion: make friendly grenades glow blue on the ground instead of orange to differentiate between friendly and enemy nades
When pizza hut was a sit down restaurant