Never thought my mom was that insane but I guess Jesus is anti-metal straw. Sorry if it doesn't seem serious, I can't take anything seriously
Let's give some love and support to u/that1miningguy
Met my best friend yesterday and brought him home!
How do you even make that shot?
I found these crystals at the bottom of a bottle of maple syrup that sat in the back of my refrigerator for a few years
some nice snacking
Ironing board...
Exercising extreme caution while placing the food dish...
Robin Williams offering a toilet roll to ’ The Thinker’ (early 90s)
Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen together at Star Wars Celebration 2017.
Pretty much murdered himself
This color arranged natural art piece by my friend.
Sound on. WCGW sliding in a skirt.
Donald Trump watching Parasite (2019)
I mean, it is a different format
A beautiful thing
Never forget. Cops beats a homeless schizophrenic man by the name of Kelly Thomas to death in 2011. The officers who killed him were acquitted of all charges.
“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought..." - Albert Einstein probably
Colombian cyclist in tears after being left stranded
When fishing, always bring an action figure
🔥 Majestic Cross Fox 🔥
I want to be an architect.
spittin facts
Merry Merry (HIS FACE THO)
'Mini Portraits', Me, Watercolor, 2019
How to misunderstand your husband's request
A time traveler showed me this meme
This guy knows how to party
The Dodo - Guy Has The Cutest Bond With A Bald Little Cockatoo