Portland protestors successfully deploy Hong Kong tactics
rioter gets their firework returned
Protester gets a flash-bang to his face after getting pepper sprayed.
Cat trying ice cream for the first time
Styrofoam box jumped back into the van... Twice !
A cop tried to take a knee in solidarity his fellow colleagues grabbed him and pulled him up.
Leaving your car in traffic, so you can steal some sneakers.
Episode X: The Rise of Jar Jar (directed by Michael Bay)
This "influencer" exposed on live news looting.
Undercover Horror Movies starterpack
NYPD refusing to let protesters into the subway station so they can get home before curfew starts
Dragons are cool, BUT
Ocean Shores, Washington, in the middle of the small town traffic circle. No voice is too small.
To be socially involved
[OC] Protester Pepsi ad in 2020
Ready for the end of times?
Tambourine Tom, the All Powerful Man of Pride
Communism Detected
Assuming it is green because the car to your left rolled.
Daughters being reunited with their mom after 9 weeks of being away so she could provide medical care to patients
[Image] recovery is possible and it's worth it
Ate while driving, so didn't pay attention. Got most of the way through when I realized the chicken was 100% raw. Hope I don't die later.
2017 South Korean impeachment protest, 1.7millon people, 55 injured, no death, President impeached.
How Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Is Done
Trump Vs. Reality
Peaceful protesters outside the White House 20 minutes after curfew
In my city (in Brazil) there are many statues of Pokémons and no one knows who puts it, there are 5 or 6 of them scattered around the city!
Blursed trump
Just your casual drive by on some teenagers.