Let us never forget Gary Webb.
Dad builds a custom adaptive controller so his daughter can play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
I design ridiculous product ideas for fun, so I designed a pair of jeans with one giant pocket across the butt for all your essentials.
🔥 This formation of clouds
I’ve been waiting 43 years for this moment.
Adorable 4 month old identical twins notice each other for the first time and have a little chat
I'm 19 and every now and again my dad gets wasted with his friends and they beg me to drive them to taco bell... My dad is the one with the beer in his shirt pocket
This titanium coated butter knife with internal copper alloy heat tubes. It’s made to heat up when held in your hand, so that it is easier to spread butter.
Wonder Woman cosplay
Titans 321-pound offensive lineman Dennis Kelly catches a touchdown pass, becoming the heaviest player in NFL history to catch a touchdown pass in the playoffs
Tibetan derp
Japanese opposition members trying to block the passing of new immigration laws
Before and After Picture of my Survival House
An organization called 'Surfing With Smiles' teaches people with special needs and abilities to surf
Neighbor made a snow dinosaur.
These Chick-fil-a employees in Richmond, Virginia broke the Chick-fil-a drive thru record by serving 172 cars in one hour.
I have so many questions
Jubilee, the dog who looks like bad taxidermy, has finally been adopted after over 2 years in the shelter!
[USA] Drunk livestreamers harass garbageman in Las Vegas
HMFT after I rush this guy
Nurses/medical staff being bros
A picture of me and my family 10 seconds before I broke my brother's hand with a hammer [1993]
I think that might have been me...
Asking the real question.
Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004): Michael Madsen's character, Budd, has a can of SafeGuard gasoline in his RV; the same used by his character Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs to torture the kidnapped cop.
Clever trick used by a teen to quickly hide from cops.
The original wasn't horrible but it was a little too much
Cats makes first contact with bubbles
A good title
I dropped my snowmobile in my lake at -15°C. (OC)