Some one with super powers has just been born
A 5-year-old girl was being teased by her classmates for looking like a boy. Her teacher chopped off her own hair to support her.
Buckeye Cookies
🔥 Ethiopian welo opal gem found that looks like it encaptures the ocean.
Snow dive
In case someone needed to read this
Flower encased in ice.
It’s the only way copycats will lose interest
Well thanks
I’ll take 20!
Leonardo DiCaprio running up to Jonah Hill pretending to be a fan
The real MVP
Your stress isn't stressful enough
Getting your nails done
My son’s first time standing up and the look he gives when he realized I saved his life
Land of freedom
"Racism goes both ways guys!"
Grandpa's couch - collaboration with Perry Bible Fellowship
Anon likes Vsauce
Give me your belongings at the price I want or IM CALLING THE NEWS
Birthday pupcakes!
Want to hear a grown man scream?
It’s true..😂
Sure pal. Sure
The Supremes. 1960s
Thanks, I hate it
Dream moment when Michael Bublé handed me the mic [OC]
The Korbut flip, 1972
Took a break in the sun, coworkers checked in to see if I was ok (maremma livestock guardians)
Girl with Heterochromia, Irakli Nadar, Digital, 2019