Walrus fell asleep on top of a submarine
I presume he was fired
Ceramic sculpture, Christopher David White, 2018
Found a fish tank full of copies of Space Jam on VHS in an alley.
Geometric battle suit done by Nissaco at ‘No line no gain’ tattoo studio in Japan, Osaka.
Poor Guy . . . Betrayed On Day One
Melbourne artist recreates Banksy's painting with Itchy and Shreddy
Sultan is the name of the dog that was transformed into a footstool in “Beauty and the Beast”. Another word for “footstool” is “ottoman”. The ruler of the Ottoman Empire was called a Sultan.
These two cuties in the drive-through at Starbucks!!
My first attempt at minimalism in my landscape photography at White Sand, NM [OC][1333x2000]
CrMos, central worker motivation operating system
This is an engineering graduate, who's father is a rickshaw puller. Back from convocation he drives his parents home
I bet some of those who laughed at them are sitting at home ALONE.
Cop listens to his dad reflexes when confronting two young kids, and gives them a lesson.
My handsome boy went to the pet store, and got a photo taken. He looks like a Disney princess!
You did it. You broke Ron Perlman.
Thanos: *Snap*
My great-great uncle, first and only Aboriginal Australian fighter pilot to serve during WW2 - Leonard Waters
What am I even doing here?
Suprising move from the referee
PsBattle: Bird singing with visible breath
Thank you mom, very cool
Why hello there
$2 coins from the Cook Islands are triangular
Every Job Interview
just pay shipping
This caterpillar mimics a snake perfectly when frightened
Been living in Japan for 2 years now, and decided to paint something inspired by my time living here.