Few weeks ago, I had a breakdown in an Uber. James talked me through it and stayed with me outside my house for an hour. He also sent me this book in the mail and I am forever grateful.
Using a device called a star tracker, I was able to take a picture of the Milky Way and corresponding landscape in Colorado to bring out extreme detail in both the stars and foreground alike!
The minecraft base that I am proudest of
The “I just used a paper straw to help the environment” starter-pack
Me neither
case in point: be geometry
Will buy pics
Someone gets it
Perv slaps reporters but during run
We respect the ball
Switch Lite left joystick not functioning correctly after 40 hours use
The new prime minister of Finland
My buddy’s wife got an embroidery machine, this is the first thing he made on it.
I Photoshop my dog into iconic pictures because art and stuff
#friends #bff #bird
Might as well represent yourself.
Found in my grandpa’s office
This is a "wolfdog", the result of the cross between a German shepherd and a wolf 🐺
This is my parents’ living room; I’ve loved every Christmas in this room. This was my view at 4:00 am every Christmas.
App controlled Christmas lights
A 24 years old Tony Bourdain,1980.
Took a break from obsessively cleaning my glasses to post this. Bet you can’t bully me better than I bully myself
Not even watching the preview?
Seems pretty nuts to me
Guy smacks reporters butt on air
Barrel-filling bridge
Goat seeking trampoline
These cool LED things
Do us all a favor.