This Legend At A Stoplight Lightning A Joint With A Piece Of Glass
just a casual thing to do
Cue Trumper Tantrum
This is where the fun begins
Always a struggle
If anyone is confused
SLPT on happiness
Imagine the kind of person you must be if you’re downvoting NOT liking racism, misogyny, and transphobia. Even OP got downvoted for basic human decency
Boy gets raped and then HAS TO PAY FOR CHILD SUPPORT!
Commit no sins
Ordered 32gb ddr4 got sent 160gb
Cherry blossoms in full bloom at the base of Mt. Fuji
Pole dancers during quarantine
My neighbour's dog peaking through the fence to say hello
I love when a plan comes together
My house burnt down just as quarantine started I lost my dog and my pc in the fire there was not much else in the room with the fire
170 hours later, here is a clip of everyone in the office but they have Michaels face.
Prose so jacked
Resisting apartheid
Police in El Salvador publicly shaming anyone caught violating the quarantine
Cows are among the most gentle creatures. This allows them to befriend All kinds.
COVID-19 companies that pretend to care about you starterpack
The GBU-28 bomb uses a time-delay fuze to detonate after penetrating multiple layers of concrete
intruder hog-tied by husband
The best feeling is how happy my dog is to see me! (I posted this elsewhere and kept getting this sub tagged lol so posting here now.)
Bros Before Hoes, Kings
An Arctic fox mother crossing a stream with pup