An interesting title
Not sure if this has been posted yet, but-
My friend's accounting textbook really just hates simplicity
I'm the fire chief of a volunteer fire department. For the last 26 years a week before Prom night , our fire department has done a drunk driving vehicle accident simulation for the students to show them what happens during a drunk driving accident. We are 26 years fatality free so far.
A guy climbs a metal pole in a crouching tiger, hidden dragon fashion
Umm okaaaay
This is the old symbol for Raëlism, a “UFO religion” founded in 1974.
This is adorable
This happened at my school yesterday (AUS)
My THIRTY YEAR OLD brother and all his gratitude for the cake our mom promised to make for his birthday...
Father tries to say he put me through college. My 1k monthly loan payments say otherwise
I'm not even a parent and this episode gives me so much anxiety
The fact that I need an internet connection to play a game from 1993 (doom)
What INSANE torgue does to a drag tire at launch.
Not the worst I've ever seen.... But it's also a 2018 😂
They protect their drones more than their own people
Captain Tax Evader
Oldie but goodie
Tyler’s new bio, oof
Sperm donating
Guess it takes one to...write about one?
Currently serving in the Navy and I've never heard anyone talk about the veterans day hype as accurately as Ethan. Keep it real my dude.
Hong Kong Police attack Pregnant woman.
Good goose is feelin good like a good little goose
My grandma turned 98 today!
Ice Cream Theft on Live TV
Equally true as it is funny
The way this picture was taken makes it look like it’s 3 different pictures pasted together
My dog wants it clear: this was NOT her fault.