WCGW if I get in a fight with Jesus Christ
Dad couldn’t get a reservation at a restaurant, calls back pretending to be Prime Minister of Morocco. Gets best seat in the house and signs a plate for the chef
Gucci gauntlet
The family dial-up computer in the living room everyone shared.
Dad rushes on the track to free his son from burning racecar
The holes in the top of my curtain project an image of the street below onto my ceiling
Hot diggity dog
To be romantic.
New map made with a machine learning algorithm - Botnik Studios
[I ate] Tacos AND nachos
Tantrum birb
First thought that popped into my head when I saw this
Surely no
Bobby Newport likes to bowl
My Karma has doubled since the last time we met.
Fuck this shit
Feather Mirror
A laptop...
Anon is a soldier
This wire scorpion a coworker made.
This doesn't seem like a better idea...
Us console players can only dream
If you racist and homeless, you can get stunted on too
Watch the license plate as the van drives through a toll in Florida
While filming the underwater scenes for ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, Daniel Radcliffe got a group photo with the cast and crew and then photoshopped antlers and Rudolph noses onto everyone and sent it out as a Christmas card.
They also did the dishes...
They went with Paladin so they can Tank AND Heal
This phone holder for taking selfies out in front of the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID.
Buns of steel!