Where's the food?
Are you aware W is not a vowel
The original mindscrew.
Trump Is Qwhite Privileged
The Galactic Empire
Puppy's ears are searching for signal.
Get up! Get up!
Every school ever on planet Earth in 00's
Three Fingered Jack, Oregon. [OC] [3864x5270]
I present my magnum opus. I now retire from both art and animation. Thank you.
My college has foot flushers so you don’t lose your balance trying to kick the ones above the toilet
[Off-site] Triganarchy
Confused? We are way past that.
I have to unfollow some people. . .
Turned my old and slow iPhone 4 into fast ultra minimalistic feature phone
Fancy Fowl
That’s good news.
World's saddest ball pit
Found this CD at my local library
Congressman neckbeard
365 days later: My 85lb weight loss since January 23, 2017
Giant octopus kite
Nurse performs CPR on woman after a car accident and immediately leaves for work after saving her life.
This salesman working at a used car dealership
This architecture in japan
Philippines’ exploding Mount Mayon
Whoa take it easy Kimberly
This little guys just amazing. Nothing stops him!
If Vincent Adultman was a doctor
Instagram famewhores...