Riding mountain bikes near cactuses
Joe Baseball, the top 1800.
Work-for-free-experience internships with no monetary compensation whatsoever might be outlawed soon (article below)
Perfect outcome to an idiot running a red light.
My sister and her son were both shot in their home a few weeks ago. My sister didn’t make it, but my nephew was saved from the shooter in time to make a full recovery. Today, my mother received this card from the first responder.
This is so wholesome
Tag teaming daughter hair
This insane General Grievous cosplay
This gesture control stunt car
"We didn't want any trick or treaters this year."
Talking about someone’s mother
Remember kings: Never ever give up on your dreams
Giant Sequoias (human for scale).
don’t ask why...
This is how Karens are made
Citrinitas, me, Oil on Canvas, 2020
I don't get why people get salty over the imposter literally doing what they're supposed to do
Rawiri Waititi, Māori politician - and the newest member of the New Zealand Parliament.
Alligator Snapping Turtle looking pretty metal
My favorite English teacher from when I was in high school posted this today. We need more people like him in the world ❤️
Just finished decorating our annual scary pumpkin
Crazy Karen wishing ill on Kamala Harris!
best dad ever
That’s some nice caulk
Probably my luckiest shot ever, I captured a shot of the ISS right on the terminator of a slim crescent moon. [OC]
My jack o lantern turned out pretty good