Clouds over Swansea, Wales this morning
Stoopid Hooman
Teacher Interrupts A Student Explaining How Police Treat Black People To Explain Why She's Racist
This is the home of someone who paid $750 in federal taxes.
Gatekeeping who gets to ask r/askgaybros
Der Wolf und die Covidioten
cursed cow
I think this should be heard.
U.S. Debt, calculated down to the penny every day for the last 26 years, alongside GDP [OC]
My contribution to the anti-rgb gang
Best thing I've read on internet today
I wish i was this talented.
This one made me smile.
If it ain't broke don't fix it
Unemployeed and 2 DUIs later...
ugh that face!!! 🥺
The JoJos miss a bus
[OC] GF drew her DnD character but was too shy to post it. Tiefling Druid turned Rogue named Lilith. Let her know what ya think!
Robber Receives the Community Blessing
She has a point
Cutest photshoot ever.
Great fact
All my homies are nocturnal
The makeover that America needs brought to you by the Members of the United Steelworkers union
Uncles are the best at pranking lol
Somewhere in Indiana.....
This a-MAZE-ing quilt my grandmother made
[Giveaway] GMK Cojiro IC is Live! Giving away 2 NK65 (aluminum and entry edition!)
Uncles are the best at pranking lol
Riding mountain bikes near cactuses