My son, who has Down syndrome, made up a menu for tonight’s dinner. He did a good job, except some of the sides are a little sketchy.
These cardboard things used instead of packing peanuts or bubble wrap
Libtard Waitress ANNIHILATED
I voted early at Fenway Park!!
Il s'appelait Samuel Paty, avait 47 ans et était professeur d'histoire-géographie dans un collège. Mort pour avoir fait son travail sans aucune lâcheté.
Poured concrete floor fails 2020
Best things comes to those who are patient
Too much to handle
First week on Wallstreet, nobody told me about this shit. I guess I’ll see you all in 90 days lol
Definitely not easy
All of the hinges in my Grandmothers house are fully decorated. Each hinge is a different design.
Cursed Ryan Reynolds
I used to relate to Wayne and Garth. But now, I relate to this guy a lot more.
In Cabin in the Woods (2011) after the RV crash and redneck zombie ass-kicking, Dana's pupils are shown to be different sizes. This is a common symptom of a concussion.
The Avengers movies without the editing
SLPT: how to save your relationship
The power of a green screen
To spell bird
Donald Trump being an ideal bible man
Halloween picture time
when broken isn’t really broken...
Bruce Wayne lil bitch
Absolute distinguished unit
I knew I’d seen this dance before
Zann clann reporting
A mother once called into PBS, asking if Mr. Rogers could send an autograph to her daughter. She was suffering from seizures and set to have brain surgery. When Mr Rogers heard about it, he flew to see her in the hospital. He even brought his puppets along.
Make that about 2%
Reform the police
Eminem gets his N-Word Pass, (1989)
Instructions unclear
WCGW misjudging a corner at high speed?