My parents in the 70s. They have been married for over 40 years and started dating when they were 13.
Trying to kidnap a kid infront of parent(s)
Stray momma kitty brings her babies to the nice lady who had been feeding her. All kitties were taken in and adopted!
Cat: who we hiding from?
My new boots have retractable studs perfect for Canadian winters
One of my first polymer clay sculptures (left from 2015) compared to my most recent from this month (right).
A baby jaguar cuddling with a baby panther
I make wool sculptures and I think my latest one is a new favourite
Brent is the guy you went to high school with who has a medium good car and thinks he has to be Republican now
Blursed dog
Someone prolly did this before right ?
Cleaning a Diamond Ring with an Ultrasonic Bath
My dog grabs things around the house and brings them to me for a treat. Today, he somehow got this.
Its beginning to look alot like F*** this
A School Board Member Struggles While Deciding If She Is Anti-Racist Or Pro-Racist
Saw this on another sub and thought it belonged here.
My daughter finished chemotherapy today!
Guy took new Polo and 5 seconds later "upside down"
Fits like a glove!
Excited frog
Peanut Butter M&M's
[Homemade] 'The Whopper' from Burger King
Internet fighting
A loggerhead turtle got into a boating accident, resulting in the loss of a majority of its lower beak. Scientists gave it a new 3D printed titanium beak. It looks so badass. He is now a cyborg turtle.
Mom of tripletes starter pack
Their "friend" says North Carolina has 35% fraudulent rate in the election. I'm sure.
This man is 102 years old.