I make wool sculptures and I think my latest one is a new favourite
Brent is the guy you went to high school with who has a medium good car and thinks he has to be Republican now
Blursed dog
Someone prolly did this before right ?
Cleaning a Diamond Ring with an Ultrasonic Bath
My dog grabs things around the house and brings them to me for a treat. Today, he somehow got this.
Its beginning to look alot like F*** this
A School Board Member Struggles While Deciding If She Is Anti-Racist Or Pro-Racist
Saw this on another sub and thought it belonged here.
My daughter finished chemotherapy today!
Guy took new Polo and 5 seconds later "upside down"
Fits like a glove!
Excited frog
Peanut Butter M&M's
[Homemade] 'The Whopper' from Burger King
Internet fighting
A loggerhead turtle got into a boating accident, resulting in the loss of a majority of its lower beak. Scientists gave it a new 3D printed titanium beak. It looks so badass. He is now a cyborg turtle.
Mom of tripletes starter pack
Their "friend" says North Carolina has 35% fraudulent rate in the election. I'm sure.
This man is 102 years old.
The guy in front of me didn’t stand a chance
[OC] u/IHateTheLetterF is a mad lad
The fierceness of a kitten
Drunk squirrel, because...2020. The old pears I left out for the squirrels had apparently fermented. Whoops!
Hypocrisy at its best..
Moscow, Red Square today
But it's a bop tho
Found an RTX 3090 at goodwill