My ANTIvaxx aunt that no one really likes, has made an interesting post on Facebook. After I responded she pmed me this:
The American Revolutionary War begins (1775).
Apparently not
tinder can always make me laugh
Edgar the dog and felix the human.
A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Somehow I feel like they weren’t expecting this reply
Start at level one
Swords ~ Hybrids
Just found this from a year ago lol
Tech has come so far
It's awesome
Bonnie and Clyde robbed this Texas bank in 1934.
This idiot made me look like an idiot
Wait a sex
Lil guy trying to scare me
This handsome boi beat cancer!
Took me a sec to realize what it was too
Invest while you’re young to get your hands on these profits!
People were being racist in r/trashy and one almost became self-aware.
Maybe maybe maybe
All the Cheddar's used for a Halloween heist.
Good cunt
Best Regards
I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don't live in the salon 24/7.
So cute - might delete later
Cat found a way inside a beanbag
Who is the insane one?
I’m not your typical girl 🎮💕✨