Connected πŸ’—
PsBattle: This man sailing in a pumpkin he's grown
German Shepards
Netflix officially pulled the plug
Boss, you’re not gonna believe this but...
Tryna flex that creative muscle
Thomas the soul-eater
LeBron James educating protesters.
Jealous Girlfriend
Aaron, my trusty companion. He lives in my case. He plays all important concerts with me.
Japanese woman is accused of appropriating her own culture
This is my favourite fight scene in Star Wars
A friend sent me this. "In some way I feel cheated. But at the same time they don't lie."
Never give up on your dreams ... Look at the beautiful example of this man. The guy is paraplegic and his dream is to be a quadriplegic ...
Multifaceted devil spawn
An Agate Stone that looks like a window to the ocean.
Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While on Hot Ones
Always hated this
Absolutly wrecked
Been saving up the ugy for all of your entertainment. Roast the rest of my eyebrows off and make this worth it, will ya?
True legend!
Carving pumpkin
Learned from this awhile ago, and have to go find the picture again at least once a year. Was told I should post it here.
Paul Rudd on the Ant-Man/Thanos meme
Window washer
blessed round
Wanna hold your newborn? Pay up
No maybe yes maybe yes maybe no
A Rural Cat