This good guy giving out masks at Houston's June 2nd Protest.
This grown a*s man just did this to a little girl who was posting flyers in support of George Floyd. This is sick.
What the fuckkkkkk
Man tries to attack protesters with axe in Colton, CA [USA]
Looking good
This happened in Fairfield, Ca. THIS IS F***ING SICK. The man in the video told the officers MULTIPLE TIMES that he was paralyzed. For all these people that don’t believe in police brutality, explain to me why you think this is ok..
My turtle won't eat. Maybe I fed it too much
These grandkids planned to surprise grandma at the airport dressing as T-Rex but she heard about it and planned her own surprise.
Poser’s Instant Karma
Hold up
Customer stated, her turn signal is broke.
Customer stated, her turn signal is broke (xpost from r/justrolledintotheshop)
Demonstrators in Portland, OR shut down bridge, all face down
Sir Ian McKellen’s sign
Religion is for fools and the easily fooled
A Sweet, Older Gentleman!
Protesters practicing Social Distancing here in the Philippines against a Terror Bill that basically is the same with what Hong Kong is protesting about.
Came across this post while scrolling through Instagram
Gentleman. Do your worst.
Got this on my screen when loading the game
Tell em the good news Luis
When the substitute teacher can’t control the class and has to call in an actual teacher
Tequila kills
Thought this might be interesting.
The way she frosts this cookie
“in Brazil, to receive the first piece of birthday cake is a legit honor. To give it is to symbolize love and deep appreciation”