Bringing things to light.
🔥 This scene captured at the Phinda Game Reserve 🔥
I just had my leg amputated recently and I had an anonymous person send me this bear. I didn’t even notice the fact that whoever sent the bear, made it just like me. This picture was taken after I had washed my face because I was sobbing. Shit like this make my day. Thank anon❤️
I’m on board.
give me something to cry about other than midterms
Every single one that I see, forever.
Arthur the Rhino was injured attempting to protect his mom from poachers. He lost his mom, but the Care for Wild Sanctuary is protecting him and nursing him back to health.
A furious man in Greece throws concrete from a collapsing ceiling of a public school (that endangered children) at city council officials.
Leonardo DiCaprio with his Oscar
to be deep
This rainbow coming out of our dumpster.
I Love it when he does this
Avengers: Endgame (2019) | Official Poster
Those wyld saturday nights
He gets a get out of jail free card
The highest form of praise
It’s a Lego worm...
Found a portrait I had taken of my pet rat when younger.
Arthur Morgan in a nutshell:
Tons of people have joked about "Bohemian Rhapsody's" terrible editing. Here's a video explaining exactly what makes it so terrible.
When you have been playing too much Apex lately...
Yes, my setup is in a walk-in closet.
Kitten does a big grow.
My school banned the dinosaur game
Smartass asshole...
I think someone forgot a decimal point somewhere.
True evolution of fine art culture
Wearing a toupee
Craig Robinson was on my flight today
What do you even say to this
The things I see/hear in the south 🤔🤣🤦🏻‍♀️