Not again
Sick. PewDiePie you need to talk about this before the media does
Dad magic.
The right kind of person
Only a handful of times each year Utah's deserts become blanketed in white. The combination between snow & sand is incredible. Castle Valley near Moab, UT[1400x2100][OC]
TIL that ducklings often die in swimming pools from not being able to get back out. Today I also saved 8 ducklings!
My daughter Ellie and I planted a tree this evening.
What in the world does Russia have on Graham?
I read all the messages with no regrets
Well that’s unfortunate
Me and my daughter Ellie planted a tree this evening.
In honor of Pi day
Maybe old but very nice
He’s been through a lot and he is the sweetest kitty ever.
Thank You From Alex Trebek | JEOPARDY!
Presidents Park Williamsburg, Virginia. Home to 43 giant U.S. Presidents heads left rotting because of a failed tourist attraction
My indoor cat always tries to escape so my bf and I started to take her on walks with a leash and harness. It's been going really well but the occasional human will cause her a great fright and she needs to be held briefly.
Bears stun tourist as they walk on hind legs
there is a 69420 in pi
[Image] Never give up. If, he can do it than anyone can. Believe in yourself
“Wildflower” hand engraved with 24k, 18k, silver, copper inlay on a 1944 penny
Shark egg case that washed ashore with a alive embryo inside
Bringing things to light.
🔥 This scene captured at the Phinda Game Reserve 🔥
I just had my leg amputated recently and I had an anonymous person send me this bear. I didn’t even notice the fact that whoever sent the bear, made it just like me. This picture was taken after I had washed my face because I was sobbing. Shit like this make my day. Thank anon❤️
I’m on board.
give me something to cry about other than midterms
Every single one that I see, forever.