When everyone says you will fail but you make 500k cars in 10 years from nothing
Balance is key
Students protesting Climate Change in Adelaide today.
POS rapes ex-girlfriend for 2 days
She Took the Midnight Train Going Anywhere.
My friends and I circa 1991
There’s been a Mosque Shooting by a White Supremacist recently. Just wanted to make something clear:
Wholesome Kenyan
Irish PM Leo Varadkar brought his boyfriend to meet Mike Pence
Not again
Sick. PewDiePie you need to talk about this before the media does
Dad magic.
The right kind of person
Only a handful of times each year Utah's deserts become blanketed in white. The combination between snow & sand is incredible. Castle Valley near Moab, UT[1400x2100][OC]
TIL that ducklings often die in swimming pools from not being able to get back out. Today I also saved 8 ducklings!
My daughter Ellie and I planted a tree this evening.
What in the world does Russia have on Graham?
I read all the messages with no regrets
Well that’s unfortunate
Me and my daughter Ellie planted a tree this evening.
In honor of Pi day
Maybe old but very nice
He’s been through a lot and he is the sweetest kitty ever.
Thank You From Alex Trebek | JEOPARDY!
Presidents Park Williamsburg, Virginia. Home to 43 giant U.S. Presidents heads left rotting because of a failed tourist attraction
My indoor cat always tries to escape so my bf and I started to take her on walks with a leash and harness. It's been going really well but the occasional human will cause her a great fright and she needs to be held briefly.
Bears stun tourist as they walk on hind legs