Giving them the credit they deserve
He’s excited for us to ask mom
He’s too pure!
WCGW If I Tailgate This Slow wagon in front of me
700 years of human history collapsing before our eyes
The moment Notre Dame's spire fell
Fuck this bike in particular
Circus skills
Hey guys remember in China when nothing happened at all
Boyfriend gave me permission to post this... We're both guys
Notre-Dame Cathédral in flames in Paris today
Seagulls are annoying as hell.
Trust no one.
Waiting for food
Absolutely exhausted at work. Please keep me busy
Support right now.
Hopefully only one of his parents is an idiot :/
You are LOVED!
The art of physics
East Berlin Vs West Berlin 1949
Bringing in a pre-tilted cabbage display
Curiosity makes the best pictures
PsBattle: A Wet Cat
Notre Dame is on fire.
Good riddance indeed.
I got Max, my pup a year ago from a guy that was giving it away and then this lady came crashing in. I hope you find this as funny as i did!
Game of Thrones
I won't let you...
I’m currently visiting the Lake District, UK and the B&B I’m staying in is built into the side of a cliff.
A little rain won't stop Spencer the therapy dog from cheering on runners in the Boston marathon