snail wondering if who could ever compete in the races too .....
from r/teenagers
A fun game
Spray my kids in the eyes with vinegar? I’m open to it!
If you’re a teen you’ve seen this poster
Re-Logic is the creators of such games as Terraria. Likens signing an exclusive deal with Epic Games Store to selling their souls.
My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this.
Weird flex but ok
🔥 Curious moose chasing after a drone 🔥
Cartoony enderman animation in 2D I made a while ago. I may finish it someday...
[L] 2D, not 3D
The *best* thing for a broken arm.
More women in Iran protesting against forced hijab!
Total Insanity
He just miss someone
Lemur has an adorable way of letting kids know it wants more pets
When you see on the road a bag with the impression that it contains something moving, stop by to check the content.
Oh my god, I touched you!
Got ya
Leveling Tiles
Supportive siblings are a blessing
Spidey gave no shits.
Pupper’s casual murder attempt gets foiled
We all must sing
Found the perfect blanket at a thrift store today
It's finally here. Introducing Multiplayer Flappy Pharah! (Supports 6 players!)
In “Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone” (2011) Neville receives a remembrall that displays a red color when he forgets something. He said the problem is that he doesn’t remember what he has forgotten. Neville is the only one without robes.
Husband made a meme out of my typo