Busted, Mugshot of 2 year old Francois Bertillon. His crime? Eating all the pears in the basket. His father, Alphonse Bertillon also happened to be the father of the modern mugshot. 1893
Seriously, This Guy Works For FOX News
I live in Colorado starter pack
If you haven’t seen his channel, please check it out. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air.
Slow days on reddit...
This monkey sure makes that soft taco look good.
Popping a Wheelie
Anon loses dog in divorce
Make Orwel Fiction Again!
When your team drops a catch that could cost you the entire game.
🔥 A beautiful wild kitty spotted
We're better than this guys.
My sister wants to be roasted
Someone gifted him silver, apparently that's not good enough
A very chilling poster seen at a protest against Hong Kong's extradition treaty with China
More Lasagna? OC
Teasing mosquitoes in the lab before they were provided with blood meal (x-post from r/sciences)
Good Job elmo
This is HongKong today.
cutting in front of a truck WCGW
I finally remembered my cake day first time in 3 years!
You can always trust Master Chief.
Pup will steal your heart
Hong Kong Police using pepper spray solution against a foreigner who's sitting on the sideline of protest
It really took me 3 hours to make, hope you guys like it!
Tetsuta Nagashima's extreme composure while falling
Keep it interesting
A cute lil ritual