Dog isn't a fan of their owner's new doll
This water clock in the Osaka station, Japan
The misguided hatred towards immigrants
3D zoetrope reaches the proper speed
Artist with Dementia
My old lady got a flower crown for her 14th birthday
I’m just saying
I threaded a pencil with a nut
And this is why there's no more liquor at our parties
Nigerian politician VS Church if Satan. Taken from Twitter, found on Facebook
Perfect for cat lovers
David, Stop kidding me. Where's the card ?
Starting a new homebrew campaign. The world map is based on the wear on the back of my phone cover. [Art]
Smh, what’s wrong with this book
When you think you’re a Disney princess and try to feed the birds but end up getting bullied by a flock of cockatoos
Just had my colon and rectum removed. Fuck you cancer, not today!
He kinda just chills like this 90% of the day... Genuinely my camera feed is filled with videos of him like this
Oak is my favorite pokemon
My WIFE's Tinder bio. Apparently she's divorced. I mean, she's about to be!
Well, blow me down
Hong Kong Police Beats Unarmed Protester
Busted, Mugshot of 2 year old Francois Bertillon. His crime? Eating all the pears in the basket. His father, Alphonse Bertillon also happened to be the father of the modern mugshot. 1893
Seriously, This Guy Works For FOX News
I live in Colorado starter pack
If you haven’t seen his channel, please check it out. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air.
Slow days on reddit...
This monkey sure makes that soft taco look good.
Popping a Wheelie
Anon loses dog in divorce