Found shot 17 times, ear cut off, pregnant, blind and living on the streets. Now she's a therapy dog, not to mention a certified survivor.
While in a lasik eye surgery office I glanced up and saw this
Arrow hair flip
How perfectly these salt flats in Bolivia reflect the sunset after a rain
The reflections of ceiling lights appear to be alien ships descending on Shreveport.
I waited an hour in line so I can get this pic
There was a pup that went viral for her cute little smiles, she got adopted and looks as cute as ever :)
PsBattle: This Cat Resembling a Beast.
Amazing moonrise
My client was feeling himself a little too much after his haircut.
yeah owls are something else
photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me
Well, that's some shit
Bottle Cap Challenge by the Austrian Red Cross
Thank you. Love you 3000.
Incriminating Video Shows Cop Run Stop Sign, Cause Crash, and Arrest Innocent Driver
@the bar
Kid accidentally steal chair from dad
epic win
Dog reenacting poses from pictures.
Is #trashtag over? Because Living Lands and Waters is a non profit dedicated to cleaning up American rivers. They frequently go unappreciated.
Not facebook but very insane
This really makes me smile.
The final boss all Incels must face after all other chads have been defeated
Achievement Unlocked!
Biker buds
The elevators on the World Trade Center tour show a timelapse of New York’s architectural history
This cloud looks like a farting squirrel.
Crow feeds and befriends stray kitten, couple films the unlikely pair's friendship for over 8 months
Here’s the “8th Wonder of the World” André the Giant, goofing around with his best friend (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 315lb grandfather), High Chief Peter Maivia. - 1970’s