potions master.
I swear to god.
Blursed Jesus
Sprawl on it
to look to the right while jaywalking!
hol up
Her daughter coming home for Christmas, is the best present she could ever get
Fool of a Took!
Rain dance!
Apple using different wallpapers and trying to make us believe the Pro and the Pro Max has no "notch" compared to the base model
They hid this to see what i was eating and seeing if i was up late. Im 19 btw
Different types of headscarf
Hells Fargo
Stressful days we are living in
Where have you been... I missed you so much!
We had a floating mob grinder in our SMP so I turned it into the Millennium Falcon
Who just touched me.
Now i can relax at work
Apex Supportive Mother
Getting back at the Turkish ice cream guy
This pic of a bearded Hamill in 1989 makes me wish we’d gotten the sequels 30 years earlier
Petition to use this pic for the sub
PsBattle: This river in Zurich died green in protest of climate change
The sentiment in Scotland is one I fully agree with.
Kingfisher diving into a pond
And that's how you end a kiss
Operation Ember Rise Launching September 11th, Starting at 9 AM EDT
Rise of the fallen. [OC]