Another one of those "impeachable if it was any other presidents" to throw on the pile.
What a normal
What's wrong with my computer
Photography is awesome
This cabbage in my yard showing it’s fall colors
Tired of Ellen
What's black?
Frankly, it’s a wasteland. [oc]
My principal at a pep rally.
Life bites you in the ass
Me irl
To the guy who has spit your dip on my truck multiple times a week you’re not slick. Cameras have been set up, expect an update Reddit.
This underground garage gets jammed too easily
How to increase your vocabulary
Riding along the Manali-Leh Highway in the Himalayas
This is Leny. He likes rolling down hills. Be like Leny.
My boyfriend said it would be cool if I made a picture for this sub so I did.
They have to get those numbers up!
Cursed Drink
A bit eh toast
Beer so good, you’d kill for it
Just chillin’ a little bit
What could go wrong if I try to jump on this table?
The Ancient City of Teotihuacan
Picture of a pool, under water, during rain, upside down
Let me help my hooman..... I'm the goodest boi...
Before the game they said: "you're going to f**king lose and GG in advance"
Her bio said she liked cheesy pickup lines
So that was a fucking lie
These French soldiers carrying ‘Bastille Frequency Guns’ That Disrupt Connections Drones and Their Pilots
As long as Keanu is happy