[OC] A flair for the dramatic.
Ishallbefunny made this, he deserves credit
Americans from 4 different cities come to HK to join the protests as first aiders. Source: Stand News
When Shadowlands looks good, but you remember you won't get to play it until mid to late 2020
The Revenue of Fast Food Chains in America
Steven Spielberg filmed E.T. In chronological order in order to help the child actors and to capture the most real emotions during the ending, since it would be the last time they’d all be together.
There Must Be Some Other Way
EU makers of ATMs recognising the new world order
My god, the woman we all aspire to be...
Not that she can see color or anything
Anyone else want to see the G36 make a return?
This jerk sat on my Toblerone and melted it.
Chuck and Shaq goes in on Hassan Whiteside: “His strength is going to the bank twice a month and stealing money"
I’ve got chonky little hands so I can pick up more stuffs
A shoutout to the guy who gave me confidence to do what I love and not care about haters!
Found my other half online
Agree or disagree? I'd have to disagree hard, Alia just wants to stomp noobs all day while putting in zero effort.
Me buying a PC game in 2019
They still gon do it
In Queensland we get a lot of insects who escape the heat by getting inside via the drains. My wife had this idea as a barrier. Those are stocking socks.
This Kitten, Sucking His Thumb <3
Kevin Lustgarten's Door Loop
He's right you know
Throwing the first pitch
RIP Camera
Another one of those "impeachable if it was any other presidents" to throw on the pile.
What a normal
What's wrong with my computer
Photography is awesome
This cabbage in my yard showing it’s fall colors