Who is this staring straight back at me?;)
The vet are gonna give her the final injection that's gonna let her sleep forever in a couple hours. We got her when she was 10 so she can have a happy 4 years leading up to now. Please give her a fitting goodbye.
my post was removed from r/trashy for being too inappropriate for the sub, but someone posted the exact same thing hours after and got tens of thousands more upvotes and didnt get theirs removed.
What happens if you photocopy money [interesting]
Just a pittie and a parakeet becoming buds :)
Forbidden ham
She's redefining the image
This photo of a girl waiting for a train is very Studio Ghibli-esque:D
2-D rotation periods of the planets shown to relative scale, eg. Jupiter rotates around 2.4 times faster than Earth [OC]
Alright students, copy these notes
Contestant shown her own rape to film her reaction.
A bunch of bananas that grew together as one
Just spent 15 min telling my mom this isn’t a juul pod
Shoutout to my high school math teacher who clearly loved her job!
one thing for sure is that I aint gonna eat that
I made some coffee bean cookies to go with my morning coffee!
Prison pie
Or Dino nuggets but this works lol
The "Please disable your adblocker to continue" starterpack
In Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), as he walks away from Arnold you can see the T-1000 "pulse" into liquid metal for seemingly no reason - In the deleted scenes, it is made clear the T-1000 is malfunctioning after reassembling itself and is struggling to control its form
it's true
made with my own two (2) hands
A stranger emailed me a year after a post I made regarding my deceased son.
Lil Bub. She helped to raise more $500,000 for animals in need and helped change thousands of feline and canine lives. What a hero.