Those racist... robots
Ok then, keep your secret
Mom: Oh you woke up early today!
sICK fuCk gIvEs aLCoHol tO a REcOvERIng ADdICT
Burning Man is cosmically beautiful.
This is Maya. Her owner built her a luxury cabin so that people passing by can say hello and even talk to her while he's at work.
SKT T1 Closer (New Mid Trainee) 1/7/4 Irelia vs. 12/1/1 Qiyana
I feel using r/The_Donald in this sub is cheating but... WOW
"blackout" curtains that block up to 99% of outside light!
Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer
In my local mall, I thought it was so beautiful
Oh how the mighty have fallen
Translate in Google Sheets
Thank you r/clonewars
I am an action figure for myself
Who is this staring straight back at me?;)
The vet are gonna give her the final injection that's gonna let her sleep forever in a couple hours. We got her when she was 10 so she can have a happy 4 years leading up to now. Please give her a fitting goodbye.
my post was removed from r/trashy for being too inappropriate for the sub, but someone posted the exact same thing hours after and got tens of thousands more upvotes and didnt get theirs removed.
What happens if you photocopy money [interesting]
Just a pittie and a parakeet becoming buds :)
Forbidden ham
She's redefining the image
This photo of a girl waiting for a train is very Studio Ghibli-esque:D
2-D rotation periods of the planets shown to relative scale, eg. Jupiter rotates around 2.4 times faster than Earth [OC]
Alright students, copy these notes
Contestant shown her own rape to film her reaction.