Former Office director Paul Feig just posted this photo of Steve Carrell’s last day
Red Sox release statement
A resident at the nursing home my husband works at drew him from memory.
The ‘ol loose seatbelt trick.
RC Car That Moves Like a Real 2 Ton Vehicle
It’s big brain time
This is Jubilee. She just happens to look like bad taxidermy.
I'm only getting 50% of my husband's money when he dies! I need a new man!!
My mother and Joan when they were roommates in the 70’s and then a more recent photo when we saw her back stage at a show in 2015
why choose your house color, have the neighbors do it.
Grandma's first Hibachi dinner
Prince William awarding an MBE for services to the deaf today.
Brasilian ad for condoms...
Works for me
It’s the principle though...
This mans reaction to his age is priceless
This edible mushroom I found in Zambia
I Am The... night
Only 1 in 3000 Calicos Are Male Cats. Despite Popular Myth, There Is No Additional Value To Them Being Male, As They Are Sterile.
Heart attack inducing
Nope,it's a graffiti
🔥 A herd of Bison being released into Banff national park after an absence of 140 years 🔥
Comic Store Employee won’t help me pick out a book that I want to pirate later.
"Journalist" gets called out on her bullshit
Wholesome mom in 1990s
My neighbours built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom.
Looking at you, Amazon
who knew that wizards were so discriminatory