To understand a girl
This dog loves hide and seek!
Does this fit here?
Ryan Miller trades a fan a puck for a box of thin mints
History has been done. Torture dance danced at our school's dance.
Help prevent unwanted presidencies, choose to vote
Poured a glass of water last night from the tap left it under the light on the night stand, next morning I found this floating in it... What could it be ?! Yikes !
[Homemade] smoked sausage hash and eggs
Guys I'm 26 and this is the first time a girl has said yes for a date, like just right now! So I made this.
Lindsey Graham hosts Donald Trump in South Carolina (2019)
Rey's arm sleeves remind me of the sleeves basketball players wear. So, to satisfy my imagination, I drew her ballin'.
Hermit Crab Using a Human Skull as a Shell
I salute these men with my very own "yeah buddy"
Forget roses. I grew a bouquet my Valentine will really appreciate
Waitress got paid 9$/70 hours
ah, good times
The don't call him 'Amendment King' for nothing!
Found this in a Bible from 1895 yesterday, “Ain’t I A Peach? Ha, Ha”
Our Valentine’s in China: Corona beer, Coronation chicken, Pandemic board game, Contagion movie
Skating on the crystal clear ice in Lake Minewanka, Banff
I got my wife this painting of me as a pinup for Valentine’s Day.
Is it possible to learn this power?
Nate Diaz's opponents paying the price for suddenly turning into wrestlers
Happy Valentines Day!
I made the perfect honey block door. (very compact and infinitely expandable)
Throwback to the time Stephen Fry encountered a kakapo
Locking out your adult sons bank account for donating $2 of their own money to a political campaign
A wet assault on a Police Officer 🇬🇧