Thanks grandma :)
Eco turtle caught crossing the street.
rioter gets their firework returned
I made this Resin Egg
WCGW Bringing violence to a peaceful protest.
Woke up to this view in Oregon [OC] [828 x 810]
to make a deep post
Fewer wholesome feelings in life
Wonderful image from a protest in Greensboro, NC
A man simply asks students in Beijing what day it is, 26 years after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Their reactions are very powerful.
Cat trying ice cream for the first time
and that's a fact
The Power of European Passports
Portland protestors successfully deploy Hong Kong tactics
Young George Floyd sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms. We, the r/Eyebleach community, stand with our black members and with all black people in America in their fight for what all Americans rightly deserve. Black Lives Matter.
Overwatch 2 June 2020 Experimental Mode Rundown
Street vendor who walks 6 kilometers daily just to sell candies in the streets asks bike shop everyday if he could get a bike for $40 (original price is significantly higher). Shop owner gives him the bike for free instead.
The whole country about to be removed from Yelp
Wow people are such a holes
Lick the boot!
Never works on the first try..
Last night someone tried to steal a car from the dealership I work at
He gave his life for us to see a glimpse of the truth
That universal feeling of terror when you skip a step accidentally
Company pretending to care
Everyone deserves a second chance!
🔥 Dust bath at Umani Springs in Kibwezi Forest. Photo by Maria José Ibárgüen
"Spray Tan", Alison Jackson, photography, 2020
My precious