*Southern quarantine intensifies*
Using a laser cube to draw projected images.
This has to be in jest...right?
This POS who faked brain cancer and admitted that he did it for useless internet points
For Every First Minecraft Survival World
Using insulated foam blocks.
Sive be like:
Momma Reaper showing some love
Sorry ms. Resnick, you were right
India bans 59 Chinese apps yo!
[OC] I’ve been recording what time the garbage truck picks up my trash using my doorbell camera. It seems roughly every 2 months, they have a “training truck” that comes by much later in the day. Probably a rookie driver is learning how to use the robot arm…
Bigot underestimates gay man's punching prowess
Caught this quick cut gag on an episode of the Simpsons.
you have no power here
Found on twitter
Corner anchor used to set string lines
[OC] Toys "R" Us Stores across the US from 1957 to 2020
Affluent suburbanite Rambo Starterpack
How I feel seeing everyone ignoring the quarantine guidelines
Please wear a mask
My kids are obsessed with earning Schrute Bucks for doing various chores around the house.
Getting mad vibes
My parents (mid-60s) LOVE Animal Crossing, so we bought them a Switch Lite in early May. I was debating posting this to r/adorableoldpeople but figured you guys would appreciate this the most! Is my “real mom” not the cutest?!
🔥 Amazingly woven nest in a leaf. Birds are genius architects. 🔥
This Amazing Secret Base
Jonathan's 188th birthday!
Iran's Most Wanted
Two sisters hold hands right after birth
Every night my daughter and I look at r/aww before bed for a little positivity. Last night she asked me to post our good boy. Reddit meet Maximo or Max for short.
My mom in Japan, 1950s