To point a gun
I was offered a job writing for WWE Smackdown a few months ago and I turned it down, but I framed the contract they sent me and I just realized the end date of my trial period would have been yesterday. Here's what a WWE writing contract looks like!
Am I the only one?
Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony. Not as beautiful as Aurora but pretty rare to see such phenomena in India.
José Altuve gets hit by a pitch then thrown out at second
Guy tests his homemade 1000W fleshlight
Gimme level 0
Half a million blocks and 4 years later...
Found when this cone was finally removed after who knows how many months
Parents adopt a kid they've been caring for as a Christmas surprise
You're telling me kids won't spread the rona more than it already is?
My great great grandparents's wedding : Tzipe Fassler ( last name Haishelis before her marriage ) and Harry Fassler. Jewish immigrants from Bessarabia and Bukovina ( respectively) Photo taken in Manhattan NY in the year of 1911.
Don't fuck with us Tiktokers, we're gonna start a revolution
Expecting our first child in September. My mother crocheted an octopus for her, suckers and all.
[OC] Continents & Countries Compared
Scary bridges are no stress
Save the USPS
Toph's Family (Both Pictures)
This is my first ever pet that’s all mine! Not my brothers. Not my parents. Not my kids. Now my (now ex) husband. ALL MINE! Y’all meet Cordelia Rose. A rescue that’s stolen my heart!
my partner is Colombian, I’m Korean. this is our attempt at fusion: the bandeja bibimbap
98-yr old gramps can't handle the truth
My friend turned 32 today. Here he is at 32, 31, 30 and 29.
Me and my latest project - a custom pine desk designed and built from scratch.
He'll make it go after ya grandma
I think we all live in the real world, here.
The Cave you fear to enter ... [image]
Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism.
Dogs playing...Can't understand the rule of this game though.