Map of the planet if you are a fish!
Parents "if your friends were to jump off of a bridge, would you?"
A couple decided to rebuild their deserted piece of land of 600 hectares in Aimorés, Brazil. They planted more than 2 million tree saplings. As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years.
Gamers help and save a fellow team member dogs life.
Change the world, my final message, goodbye.
For the people, by the people
Neckbeard couldn't fathom a girl was a genuine nerd and loses all his friends
Driver tries to smash bike rider
That came out so funny love Travis
thanks obama
Making dreams come true
NPC idea: a rogue who pretends to be a wizard and uses stealth to do the "magic." H.P. Lovecraft: been there, done that.
Great idea
What could be more wholesome than this
TIL that when Greek Runner Konstantinos Kenteris won gold at the 2000 Olympics for the 200-metre dash, he was the first Greek athlete to win an Olympic sprint since Dionysius of Alexandria in 269 AD.
is it over yet?
Choose one.
These things really aren't designed for lefties...
This is Lola. She likes cheese.
True story.
So fast [OC]
Here we see far-right Polish politician, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, picking up a anime femboy at a cosplay convention.
This guys incredible gun impressions.
Anyone who made pizza before can relate
blursed spongebob
Why u gonna do like that bro
Scumbag Trump-in-Law, Jared Kushner
Scientific proof to inverse WSB
This Cosplay Costume.
Test if she's real
My pupper has a heart shaped spot