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But what if?
Happy national girlfriends day. Boom! Roasted!
Love that friend <3
In X-Men First Class, 2011. Hugh Jackman used 8 takes to try to get his line just right. The line was originally, "fuck off" but on the 8th take Jackman improvised by saying, "go fuck yourself"; which became the line used in the film and also gave a genuine reaction from McAvoy and Fassbender.
imagine not being ugly
Hitting the spot
Starting to feel like it may never happen
My man was packing it
Into the wild
It’s a great feeling knowing that he can relax because he trusts me. I love this feeling 🥰🥰
Absolutely ruined by his own kid
They weren’t just close to the point, they got impaled on it
Guy accidentally eat the world's hottest chilli pepper that lasts 6 hours in your mouth
Car gets fixed. (Last attempt to post in correct format)
Wolf wasn't ready for the ice water
How This Commercial Was Shot
To point a gun
I was offered a job writing for WWE Smackdown a few months ago and I turned it down, but I framed the contract they sent me and I just realized the end date of my trial period would have been yesterday. Here's what a WWE writing contract looks like!
Am I the only one?
Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony. Not as beautiful as Aurora but pretty rare to see such phenomena in India.
José Altuve gets hit by a pitch then thrown out at second
Guy tests his homemade 1000W fleshlight
Gimme level 0
Half a million blocks and 4 years later...
Found when this cone was finally removed after who knows how many months
Parents adopt a kid they've been caring for as a Christmas surprise
You're telling me kids won't spread the rona more than it already is?