Boarding Pass Reimagined
This group of people cosplayed as the Goth group from South Park
its not perfect >-< but it took a whilee
sid the sloth
"Liberal Boomer" starter pack
Spicy at different lvl
Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, resulting in development delays. Her sister said it’s hard for Kiley to make friends - which is why it was all the more special that 2 friends she met at camp last year drove 3 hours to surprise her on her 15th birthday.
Used to be hella proud!
Helping a young seal trapped in a discarded fishing net
Very good indeed /s
AMD 6000 series graphic card real photo leaked to JayzTwoCents
She is all of us.
Didn't expect that
You underestimate my answers!
Obama with his mother when he was 3 (1964)
Filled the bath with bean bag beans and cats couldn't get enough of it
Raymond Cunningham waits every year for the day the sun rises just right and reflects along the railroad tracks, This happens the first week of September in Homer, Illinois!
Jon Stewart is back on Capitol Hill, advocating for a bill to help Veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan
Thanks I hate this fucking mask
whatcha got
Cutest bottle flip ever.
Leaving this here...
The hero we didn't deserve
Reality is often disappointing.
There isn't any, and I'm not backing off. Downvote all you want.
Anime Tracers I vs II (new effects)