Embrace Tradition
Only three are drawn
Oh yeah, draw the Sexism/Feminism card to defend "Cuties"
How an AK-47 works
Catch me if you can.
Being positive for covid and inviting people at your home
Officer Kyle Savoia saves a man from getting hit by a train with seconds to spare [USA]
It feels so good
Just a long chain
Zuckerberg in shambles.
Clothesline to the shoplifter coming right up.
when companies make eco-friendly commercials
A Star bursting in Space, taken over four years by the Hubble Space Telescope!
Fish trap
Life as a half-human, half lizard mutant
[Art] [OC] Painted my new character, a Tiefling sun soul monk! They need a name.
How humans decompose
"The Wise Old Man speaks of a mysterious kingdom far in the north. Instead of banks or agility courses, there's horses, dragons, and ... shouting?"
Friend told me to post this here after she found it - male karens?
When someone keeps talking bullshit
Gets 'em every time
wholesome 100
In Dr No (1962), Bond notices a painting in Dr No’s lair and stares closely at it. This painting is the ‘Portrait of the Duke of Wellington’ by Francisco Goya. It had been stolen in 1961. The filmmakers included it as a little in-joke, suggesting that Dr No had stolen it. It was recovered in 1965.
The "Gym Demographic" Starterpack
🔥 Raptor drops its prey mid-flight only to swoop around and catch it again.
Wa pa pa pow
Murica! Oh FiretrUCK!!
He looks like him and sounds like him, Jesus Christ