Bird Law
WCGW If you try to cross a river on a bike
Finally got up the motivation to finish my first painting since quarantine started
Horses on a Plane
A bonsai apple tree growing a full-sized apple
Getting a tan
Spent 2 and a half hours making pizzas from scratch for my mother and myself, but she was too ill from her chemotherapy to make it to the dinner table. Been a hard few months but this one stings.
This is Hunter. He gets a little too excited at the dog park sometimes and runs head on into sticks/branches, so we got him some PPE to keep the dream alive.
Water droplet VS hot sand
And yes I did notice that the guy in the right has a boner
Synchronized death
Me irl
Hallway, Me, Digital, 2020
China's delegates to the UN throws tantrum by banging the table to interrupt criticisms over the treatment of Uighurs
Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer
100% Custom grip tool
My dad spent 80 hours working on this painting :)
Luxury clever design
YouTuber finds a website that's normalizing abusing children. this needs more expsure
"Batman fights crime, but Bruce Wayne fights apathy."
The amount of disappointment is immeasurable.
#girlboss am I right ladies
Once you're in, you can't go out
Would you rather be hot or cold? [OC]
Confirmed: PlayStation 5 Disc $499 - PlayStation 5 Digital Edition $399
Nah, don't bother me with facts
DJ Khaled legit looks like a completely hairless dude in costume on his way to a 70s-themed Halloween party
When this shit happens.
those were some good times
Paul George (-20) and Kawhi Leonard (-21), 10-38 from the field, 4-18 from three, 7 turnovers, scoreless in the fourth, 3-1 lead blown, all Lowlights!