PEMDAS, my girl, PEMDAS...
My mum when she was young vs me now
It makes my day
Just about right
PS5 Showcase Pre-Event Discussion Thread - hype, memes, expectations, wishes, speculations etc.
Playing Alliance and "winning" the faction war
Spectators watching at a sporting event
Blueberry Lives Matter
Mah hart Mah soul
Our boy gets it
Embrace Tradition
Only three are drawn
Oh yeah, draw the Sexism/Feminism card to defend "Cuties"
How an AK-47 works
Catch me if you can.
Being positive for covid and inviting people at your home
Officer Kyle Savoia saves a man from getting hit by a train with seconds to spare [USA]
It feels so good
Just a long chain
Zuckerberg in shambles.
Clothesline to the shoplifter coming right up.
when companies make eco-friendly commercials
A Star bursting in Space, taken over four years by the Hubble Space Telescope!
Fish trap
Life as a half-human, half lizard mutant
[Art] [OC] Painted my new character, a Tiefling sun soul monk! They need a name.
How humans decompose
"The Wise Old Man speaks of a mysterious kingdom far in the north. Instead of banks or agility courses, there's horses, dragons, and ... shouting?"