Wacky wavy inflatable tube man - office supply edition
Time to go honey, and yes, your camouflage was amazing
Youtube Rewind in a nutshell
[Classic] Why dont i kick this child right in front of his father, WCGW.
I specifically put pick up only...
I was almost on TV.
Disneyland Tokyo is making a Beauty and the Beast ride, the animatronics look insane
This messed with my brain way too much.
My brother’s Flemish giant. Yes he’s as big as he looks.
How glass sheets use to be made
Student gets a present for his special needs classmate who loves cement trucks
youtube rewind was never good, its a waste.
How am I suppose to order this.
Like vs Dislike Per Year On Youtube Rewinds (So Far) [OC]
I thought we were living INSIDE the Earth!
Good for him
An old man being better at selfies than you
Ah nail art...oh so satisfying
Guy surprises his mom after being gone for months! (Original post: https://twitter.com/cha1tommy/status/1070392598982840320?s=21)
My grandpa won 1st place in a Christmas costume party!
RIP to George Bush, but Jay still goin after those dead presidents.
To advertise a new product
Year Review 👏 👏
Thanks, that does help!
Being this stupid just begs for failure
The best spot to be
Couldn’t be a better word to describe this monstrosity...
Passing the planet to the next generation