Perfect shot breaks the camera
Lungs of the earth [Second Valley Forest, South Australia][OC][1080x1350]
Back aff ya spooky bitch
Cosplayed ochako for the first time when I went to see the bnha movie yesterday
I was about to fold towels when this little girl decided to jump into the dryer. I spun the drum to try and make her leave and this was the result.
A true bro.
Is this a joke to you Brenda?
Dad makes his daughter walk to school for bullying
Wtf is this thing I'm looking at
Yeah frick the government
Got the best e-mail auto-reply at work today
He enjoyed the gift :)
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier continues to progress in his rehab one year after suffering a spinal contusion that left him paralyzed on the field
I remastered the classic meme in ultra HD (this time with an accurate weapon)
No lies detected
Wholesome cat owner
Hotdog stand, New York, 1963
Miley Cyrus - Jolene [Country Pop]
Maul Returns - New Star Wars Insider Cover
Surprising her boyfriend at his graduation
Fighter helps opponent relocate his shoulder.
Take a knee?
[Image] Success isn't satisfaction.
A Pastor's Relationship Advice for Girls
Life pro tip
An elephant stopping traffic to let the little one cross.
Woman Arrives In New York, Gets New York Welcome
Maybe Bill Cosby should take up painting too?
I led a cigarette clean up at college yesterday!