when you see chappelle show memes making a comeback
What a guy
So what it’s purpose? “Oh, it flips water bottles”
Perfect shot breaks the camera
Lungs of the earth [Second Valley Forest, South Australia][OC][1080x1350]
Back aff ya spooky bitch
Cosplayed ochako for the first time when I went to see the bnha movie yesterday
I was about to fold towels when this little girl decided to jump into the dryer. I spun the drum to try and make her leave and this was the result.
A true bro.
Is this a joke to you Brenda?
Dad makes his daughter walk to school for bullying
Wtf is this thing I'm looking at
Yeah frick the government
Got the best e-mail auto-reply at work today
He enjoyed the gift :)
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier continues to progress in his rehab one year after suffering a spinal contusion that left him paralyzed on the field
I remastered the classic meme in ultra HD (this time with an accurate weapon)
No lies detected
Wholesome cat owner
Hotdog stand, New York, 1963
Miley Cyrus - Jolene [Country Pop]
Maul Returns - New Star Wars Insider Cover
Surprising her boyfriend at his graduation
Fighter helps opponent relocate his shoulder.
Take a knee?
[Image] Success isn't satisfaction.
A Pastor's Relationship Advice for Girls
Life pro tip
An elephant stopping traffic to let the little one cross.